Sunday, January 8, 2012

Selecting Furniture That Suits Your Home and Lifestyle

Whether you're a parent with a tribe of kids, a student spending long hours studying, or a young couple living the high life, your furniture not only says a lot about you, it should suit your lifestyle and needs.

When we move into a new home and are tasked with furnishing, quite often we get so caught up in the excitement, we end up with a house full if furniture that just isn't quite right. But with so many rooms and so many options, can the average person with no interior design skills get it right? Like anything, furnishing your home is an investment, and requires some planning. It will possibly impact the value of your home upon inspection and also your content insurance, so best to get it right!

Here are some tips for selecting furniture that suits your personality, lifestyle and needs.

The most important thing to remember is furniture can be expensive, not only do the pieces cost, but the value of your assets will increase and your insurance may be affected. Know your budget before you start shopping, plan how much you will need for you big ticket items, and prioritise the pieces of furniture you need to get first.

Furnish according to your daily activity
Think about how you spend most of your time at home. Are you sleeping? Cooking? Watch television? Whichever it is, this activity defines which room you spend the most time in, and which room you should prioritise so it is the most comfortable. Think about the room and your activity in it and ensure you furnish to accommodate your lifestyle.

Select a style and colour theme

Before getting started, stop and think about what furniture you usually like, what colour schemes suit you and make you happy and if you can develop this into a theme, for example, a modern theme with bright green as its basis. Use your theme and colour scheme to guide your selections so your furnishing is cohesive and matched when completed.

Know your space
While big chunky furniture might be in, if your have a small space, this won't make optimal use of it. Likewise, if sleek furniture is the trend and your space is large, you will find your home looking sparse and unfurnished. Before selecting furniture, measure your spaces, take into account windows, doors and other fixtures so you are completely aware of the open space you have.

Be mindful of use
Most importantly, when selecting furniture, be mindful of how you will be using it. If you have children and are furnishing the family lounge room where you all spend most of your time, expensive velvet may not be a great idea. If you are decking out your party area, style over durability might be your priority.

In general, the furniture you select can greatly raise the value and appearance of your home. When furnishing, consider furniture that has longevity in terms of style and durability, and remember to get home insurance so your valuable new assets are protected.

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